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2 Easy Changes to a Healthier You!

More than 40 years ago, my Dad started reading about eating healthier.  That meant STOP using salt and white sugar.  When I had my family, that’s what I did.  What I learned through my research was there are great substitutions for these items.

Instead of salt, I use paprika in cooking recipes (same measurement as it calls for the salt). When baking, I don’t need the salt at all (don’t even miss it!).

Instead of sugar, I started using stevia. I like the brand, Sweet Leaf, in the powder form (  There are no added ingredients in this brand, and it is not made in a facility that processes tree nuts.  That is great for me, because my son-in-law has a nut allergy, and I LOVE to bake for him!

Stevia is sweeter than sugar, so you have to adjust your recipe.  Use 1/3 of what the recipe calls for as its sugar measurement. For example, if your recipe calls for 1 cup of sugar, use 1/3 cup of stevia. You need to increase bulk when using stevia. Every cup of sugar you substitute, you need to add 1/3 cup of liquid or bulk. You can do this with applesauce, no sugar added fruit juice, plain non-fat Greek yogurt, water, or egg whites.

Tear down those walls of old and experience the new….and a healthier you!

Vaya Con Dios!