5 Healthy Cooking Swaps

There is a lot of confusion out there about what to use when cooking to be healthy.

Let’s ease your way into meeting that goal.  Here are a few tips to help make it easier!

5 Healthy Cooking Swaps:

  1. EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL or SPRAY instead of butter- Olive oil is “better fat” than “butter fat.”  Olive oil has a distinctive taste, so when cooking eggs, I would use the spray.  A little olive oil in the fry pan when cooking ground chicken (later in this article…yes, keep reading!) makes it taste rich and wholesome.  Also, extra virgin olive oil has anti-inflammatory benefits, where regular olive oil does not.  Choose a “cold-pressed” or “extra-virgin” type of olive oil in a dark bottle. It would be even better if it were in glass and not plastic. Keep it in a dark place after you open it.  If possible, it is even better if it is GMO-free.  Some olive oils are mixed with cheaper, GMO vegetable oils.  If you really want to go all out, buy organic!  Can’t go wrong with that!
  2. PAPRIKA instead of salt-Paprika is ground capsicum peppers and is packed with nutrients, especially carotenoids, which includes vitamin A.  It adds a little bite to your meals, being a little tangy.  The color adds a pop to those meals, also!
  3. WINE instead of apple juice when cooking meats-Wine is better than apple juice when cooking meats, whether in the fry pan, oven, or slow cooker. For an easy and healthy slow cooker recipe, check out my One-Pot Wonder: White Wine ChickenUse red for beef and white for chicken and pork.  There are reports of arsenic in some foods and drinks.  Both have some, but apple juice has more than wine!
  4. TURKEY BACON instead of pork bacon-Turkey bacon has less cholesterol than regular bacon…however, read before you buy and check out the different brands for lower sodium counts.  My favorite is Applegate Organic Hickory Smoked Uncured Turkey Bacon.  It’s absolutely delicious and cooks the most like regular bacon.
  5. GROUND CHICKEN instead of ground beef-Ground chicken is the best!!!! It’s lower in calories and fat, and it is lighter and easier to digest than beef. The chicken has more protein than the beef, also! Just as when you look for lean ground beef, look for lean ground chicken.

Please take care of yourself, someone out there loves you!

Mangia! Che dio la benedica! (Eat! May God Bless you!)