A Frock that Functions

I want to look glamorous, and I want to look that way every day.  Even on days when I’m feeling under the weather or have less than glamorous tasks to execute.  I want clothes that move: a frock that functions.

I was reminded of this unanswered desire when I was chatting with Beverly, an adorable 83 year old lady, who is as cute as a button.  When I was picking her mind (as I can’t help but do when I’m in the presence of ladies who I assume must have endless wisdom to drop on the world), she shared with me her own desire for comfortable daywear.  She’s always in the market for sleeveless, flowing dresses.  But to her (and the world’s) dismay, the offering is anything but plentiful.

There are wildly talented designers on this earth, and I simply adore them.  However, I cannot remember the last time I saw a fashionable item of clothing that screamed, “You will look great if you wear me and the individual who designed me had your comfort, silhouette, and skin tone in mind!”  Now, don’t get me wrong, I consider fashion to be art.  I am tickled pink to see what will be walking down the runways at the Paris Couture shows each season.  But, when those masterful creations inspire the ready-to-wear pieces I find at my favorite retailers, I want the designer to consider something about the way a lady’s body was created.

In the mean time, I have tracked down one dress we can all live in until the rest of the fashion world gets on board.  It is a wonderfully flowing dress from Banana Republic (  I choose to wear it with the tie belt removed, as I find it much chicer this way.  The only downside is it must be worn with a full slip, as it is too sheer otherwise (

I will continue my hunt for functional frocks for Beverly and will be sure to post them on Graye Note’s social media the moment I find them!

Chic Comfort is Happiness,

Andrea Graye :)