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A Robe Story

Robes are easier and vastly chicer than that word I can barely acknowledge….sweats. Yuck. So it’s high time we all invest in the following:

  1. After-Moisturizer Robe: It’s imperative that we moisturize after the shower. It keeps us soft and comfy. But, we must be sure that we let it dry before putting on our outfit for the day. Otherwise, our gorge clothes will get slimy and ruined. So, I pop on my Lightweight Short White Terry robe while I’m waiting to dry.
  2. Not Ready to Get Dressed Robe: I work from home most days, and sometimes I don’t feel like getting dressed right away (especially if the sun hasn’t felt the need to come up yet!). On these days, I get cozy in my Long Black Hooded Turkish Terry robe and get right to work. I also wear this robe at the end of the day when I’m ready to take off my piles of jewelry and structured dress and blouse, but I’m not ready to be in bed yet.
  3. Middle of the Night Robe: I have to use the ladies’ room frequently overnight and I find it to be a very chilly experience. I don’t like to be uncomfortable, so I bought a Short Black Fleece robe to keep me warm and to stay out of my way. My long ones don’t work for this purpose because it’s too much fabric to keep out of the way while I’m in there.
  4. Hair and Makeup Robe: Hair and makeup need to be done after my clothing is on. Otherwise, I’ll wreck all that hard work I just did. But, I don’t want to ruin my wardrobe with hairspray and concealer, so I just throw this Long White Satin robe over my outfit and loosely tie the belt. If you crank the belt down tightly, you’ll wrinkle!

Enjoy being cozy and functional.

Andrea Graye :)