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A Stylist’s Contacts

As the holiday season approaches we want to be sure to de-stress as much possible and definitely not allow any hiccups to get in our way. Step 1 is to have a solid “fashion emergency” team in place to keep us looking glamorous as we bop from one event to the next. Here’s a look into my Rolodex…

  • Dry Cleaner: I try to avoid dry cleaning whenever possible to save money, but sometimes, it just can’t be avoided. If you’ve spilled wine on your silk blouse or squirted one of those delicious little pigs wrapped in blanket on your wool trousers, you must get them to the professional cleaner ASAP. In New York, I send all of my prized possessions to Madame Paulette at 1255 Second Avenue (212-750-4927).
  • Tailor: Regardless of how much you actually spent on an article of clothing, it can either look like it costs $5 or $500 depending on how it fits you. It is definitely worth getting these simple alterations that can make it look like a garment was designed especially for you: sleeve length, pant leg length, dress/skirt length. I also get my tailoring done at Madame Paulette at 1255 Second Avenue (212-750-4927).
  • Handbag Repair: A great leather handbag is worth investing in to keep it looking spiff. If you have a bag or clutch that will take you through your holiday events, pull it out of your closet and examine it. If there is any wear on the corners or apparent scratches, a good handbag repair shop can have it looking brand new. Superior Leather NYC at 383 5th Avenue (212-889-7211) does a very thorough job.
  • Shoe Repair: Just like with our bags, it’s a must that we keep our shoes looking up to snuff. We don’t want broken heels and scuffed toes. That will just ruin our entire outfit that we worked so hard to put together. Dino’s Shoe Repair at 1806 Broadway (212-397-4066) is great with designer shoes that I’m nervous to part with…and, you can even mail them your items if you don’t live in New York.

Happy Holiday Hopping!


Andrea Graye :)