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Anti-Aging Care for Your Hands

One of our very loyal readers recently asked me for tips on anti-aging for their hands. Of course, I immediately took this question right to our Wellness Contributor, Tara Felice, for her top tips:

  1. Prevention is key, and prevention is from the inside out. Drink water. I know this sounds simple and probably feels overly stated, but it really is a simple miracle. In addition to food, we have to put the right nutrients in our body. Tara loves salmon, ghee, fish oil, and greens. We have 3 “diet” plans for you to choose from, based on your needs, that will help set you in the right direction: Your New Diet (no restrictions, from me), The Gastritis Diet (for digestive issues, from Little Mama), or The Gluten-Free Diet (for those with Celiac Disease, from Tara).
  2. Moisturize. I thoroughly support moisturizing constantly. It truly makes a difference. I have outlined the details of my routine in my article, Moisturizer Matters. If you want a more organic and budget-friendly option, Little Mama and I used Tara’s recommendations and shot a Graye Note LIVE! episode on how to Make Your Own Moisturizer.
  3. Gentle Hand Wash. Tara notes that we wash our hands sooo much and that water alone dries out our hands, so when you add harsh soaps on top of that, it is brutal. And as we both always say, moisturize after every time you wash your hands!

Happy Hands!

Andrea Graye :)