Beauty Secret: Eyeliner Magic!

My favorite type of eyeliner is actually eyeshadow!  I find that it stays on better than any of the real forms of eyeliner. I also love using eyeshadow for this purpose, because it gives me more colors and shades of eyeliner!

My favorite kind of eye shadow to use as BOTH shadow and liner is Chanel. I find that it is the easiest to apply and stays in place the longest.  (And bonus: the case it comes in is pretty!).  Chanel makes eye shadow that come with four different colors in each palette.  I love this because you can use one color as your eyeliner and a different color for your shadow.

Dark Palette: This one is great if you want a black eyeliner and smokey-colored shadows. (select color ‘246 Tisse Smoky’) 

Light Palette: For spring this year, I’m in love with using brown eye shadow as my liner and shimmery lighter brown as the actual shadow across my whole eyelid. (select color ‘266 Tisse Essential’) 

Travel Makeup Palette: This palette is priced higher than the regular eye shadow palette because it actually has every essential category of makeup in it–face, lip, and eye!  I am including this as an option, because if you’re happy with a brown/neutral eye palette, it is an economical choice if you also need to buy blush and lip gloss.

Angled Eyeliner Brush: I use this brush to apply the eyeshadow (as eyeliner) underneath my bottom lashes and underneath the outer corner of my top lashes. The size of this brush helps to apply your liner as quickly as possible.   

Fine Eyeliner Brush: I have a hard time using the Angled Eyeliner Brush underneath the inner corner of my top lashes, so I use this Fine Eyeliner Brush. It’s great because it allows you to apply a very thin line, if that’s the look you are going for. (Note to Mom who hates when I wear heavy eyeliner: this is the brush to use to make the liner look how you prefer!).

Eye shadow and eyeliner are my absolutely favorite types of makeup.  They can change your look in an instant, just like painting a canvas.  Have fun with it, Ladies!


Andrea Graye :)