Blown Away

We have all had a last minute special event come up, and BOOM, our hairdresser is out of town. Or perhaps we splurged a bit on those Jimmy Choo shoes and had to cut back on the cost of the blow out. Either way don’t panic! These next few steps will help you look picture perfect… And lets face it ladies, great hair is imperative for a good selfie!

It’s human nature that when we look our best, we feel like we can put our best foot forward. Having big bouncy hair gives me the pep in my step, and nothing else besides chocolate offers me such instant gratification in life, LOL!

When blow drying your hair it is important to choose products wisely. Everyone will need something to protect their hair from the heat. I love using ORIBE Imperial Blowout Crème. This product retails for around $70 but a little bit goes a long way. It will cut your blow dry time in half, which I feel is important when styling your own hair so you don’t get tired, hot, and frustrated. I choose this product because I feel it smooths the hair while I blow dry my clients and is dependable for every type of hair. For limp hair it will actually add volume and for frizzy, curly hair it calms it down. I begin blow drying with just my fingertips and remove about 80% of the moisture before taking a brush to it.

That last 20% is where the magic happens. I section the hair in about 2 inch by 2 inch sections and clip away whatever hair I am not working on at that moment. Grab the hair with tension and apply the nozzle an inch from the hair blowing the cuticle of the hair downward. This is what helps give it that glossy shine. Section by section continue around the head.

When finished styling I like to piece through the hair with a shine cream. I recommend either AFTER PARTY by BED HEAD, which retails for about $12 or ORIBE Supershine Moisturizing Crème which illuminates the hair with crushed pearl, and retails for around $50. If there are any flyaways I spray a light hairspray on my fingertips and piece them down. I like to use MOROCCANOIL Luminous Hairspray because it has a flex hold. It retails for about $25. Too strong of a spray gives you the wet sticky swamp creature effect, and that’s a NO!

Having great hair is all about making your natural beauty stand out! If you have curly hair do not blow dry your hair until it is a piece of spaghetti! Blow dry your hair with body but work it to get the frizz out. If heavy frizz is your real problem, get a keratin treatment! I cannot say it enough how amazing getting the right keratin can be! (We will discuss in my next article). If you have stick straight hair don’t curl it everyday and add unnecessary heat but blow dry with the intent of adding volume. If this is you, blow dry the first 80% with your head upside down then focus on blowing the root up and over, directing your sections forward in the crown area. Blowing against the grain adds height. I would also recommend using a mousse or root lift before drying. I like to use ORIBE Grandiose Mousse which retails for around $40 or big sexy hair ROOT PUMP, which is around $20.

When choosing what brush to go with, keep in mind the final result of the blow out. For flat sleek hair use a Paddle Brush, and for big bouncy voluminous waves use a 1 1/2″-2″ Round Ceramic Brush. I enjoy using the Olivia Garden Collection which retails for about $20 a brush. Boar bristle brushes are important to use if you have frizzy hair and when the hair is dry in the winter.

Picking the right blow dryer can be difficult. Get a lighter weight blow dryer, such as Parlux 3500 as this will put less stress on your arm while you are blow drying! You want a ceramic blow dryer that is at least 2000 watts. This will help get your hair straighter, smoother, and silkier faster! Right now I am using the twinturbo 3200 which retails for around $90. It’s not the most lightweight but I like the shape. Buying a blow dryer that fits comfortably in your hand is a very important part of the process.

If you are following in my footsteps and love big fat hair, get yourself a good teasing brush and an aerosol can of hairspray with strong hold. I recommend Sebastian Shaper which retails for about $10. Begin in the front of the crown section of the hair in small slices and hold the hair up tight. Spray the hair about an inch from root. Do not drench it! A little bit goes a long way! Begin back-combing at the root until you see body forming. Do NOT make a complete nest! Take another slice and repeat the process. The more sections you take, the fatter the hair! Proceed with caution, LOL! After you are done teasing your final section hit the root with the blow dryer. Then comb back each section smoothing out the root.

If you feel the above routine is not for you, I could suggest investing in hot rollers. Conair makes a set that retails for about $30. Air dry hair with ORIBE Imperial Blowout Crème, pop the hot rollers in, go do your makeup and get dressed, and boom, blowout fresh in no time!