Braidley Mischka

What’s more fast-paced, high-energy than the styling tents of New York Fashion Week? New Yorkers getting ready for work in the morning- that’s what! In this concrete jungle we need to mix sophisticated style with practical convenience.

We want to strut down the hallway to our office looking trendy and on-point by 7 am (with an hour and a half commute!). We may not have all the time in the world in the morning to do this… But we definitely have enough time to add a little edge to the everyday basic ponytail. Here’s how to look trendy and polished (like you had your own glam team working on you this morning!) in 5 minutes: Braids! This look is even functional enough to wear to dinner, happy hour, or even the gym after work!

Braids of all sorts have been trending in the fashion world– from down the runway to the pages of Vogue to your fingertips on Instagram and Pinterest. This is because braids add texture to hair. You can see curves and body in matte black hair, and you can see contour and dimension in highlighted or multi-tone hair! It’s visually stimulating!

Since literally before Christ, braiding has been a popular way to add intricacy in hairstyling by the Ancient Egyptians, Greek Goddesses, The Native Americans, and Africans to name a few. Nowadays there are many different ways to braid. I will be calling on the simplest 3-strand french braid right now.

The following instructions work for all types of hair long enough to braid. You can braid tight and close to the head for a more polished look or you can braid very loose for a more trendy look.

1. Start by taking a 1-inch thick section from behind the ear of the opposite side of your head you want the braid to fall on. Separate this section into 3 strands, crossing right over middle, and then left over middle, as if you were doing a Basic Braid.
2. Keeping 3 sections in your left hand, gather a small, even section from the right side of the head with your right hand, and add it to the right strand.
3. Bring this right strand we just added over to the middle, and bring the middle to the right. Follow the curvature of the head and repeat on the left side.
4. Repeat these steps down the side of the head, until there is no more hair to braid.
5. Secure braid tight with rubber band at end of hair. (Pack of 250 small styling rubber bands retail for $3.49 on Amazon. Choose color according to hair color.)

See! That was nice and easy! This will keep your hair out of your face for work, yet you still look stylish! Much better than the basic pony! This style works great whether you’re walking along the shores in summer or if you’re under a hood in the windy winter months!