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Total Summer Comfort

I love a day at the beach or by the pool…the sun, the breeze, the water. It’s magical. But then once I am home and squeaky clean after a nice shower, I don’t want to put on my PJs yet because it’s only 4pm! I want to be comfortable, but as always I want to still feel like myself, which means put-together. So, this is the perfect option and here’s why….

Summer Fashion: Date Night

For a date night in the summer I want to feel fabulous, but I also want to feel comfortable and be able to throw a look together in seconds. I don’t like anything to feel complicated in the summer! Here’s the perfect look, and the best part is, the dress only costs $18….

How to Wash Your Swimsuits

It is important to wash your swimsuit after every wear (remember, they are just like your undergarments!). It’s also important to wash them as soon as possible to get the chlorine and salt water out of them. These 3 easy steps will keep your swimsuits looking brand new…

Swim Cover Up Story

I love wearing beautiful dresses as my swim cover up. It makes it easy to go shopping or out to lunch without having to change. So many things that are sold as swimsuit “cover ups” don’t cover anything at all. Not chic! HereĀ areĀ 4 fabulous dresses that work perfectly for the beach or pool….

Summer Fashion: Weekend

I love spending weekend afternoons wondering around the Hamptons eating ice cream and doing a little window shopping. And since it’s summer, I want to wear something that is lightweight, comfortable, and easy to throw on…but of course, still looks cute. Here’s the perfect outfit…

Summer Swim Story

You know that I like to be “appropriate” at all times. I just don’t see anything at all chic about being nude in public. What’s the point? Anyway, this can provide quite the challenge when shopping for swimsuits. But don’t fret if you too don’t want to be nude-o in public. I’ve found 7 swimsuit combos for us this summer…