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Efficiently Getting Out the Door

I went through this terrible phase a few years ago where leaving the house felt like preparing to climb Mt. Everest. This was no bueno. It caused me to hardly ever leave the house, and when I did I was constantly stressed and anxious. That’s no way to live! So, I made a change and got my life together. Now, I’m always ready to go, which means, I’ve living life and not hiding from it. Here’s how:

Lies Explode Like Eggs in a Microwave

Don’t lie. Life will be much simpler.

Even lies that seem to start out small or “harmless” will erode sooner than later and just cause us more trouble. We’ll end up becoming stressed and confused and life will be harder for us than if we just told the truth in the first place.

To avoid lying, we have to get to the bottom of why people do it in the first place. There are two answers:

Where Have We Been?

Hi Everyone! Unfortunately, the answer to the question, “Where have we been?” is not “at the beach.” Shortly after Memorial Day weekend, I was hospitalized for a total of 4 weeks with a kidney disease called FSGS. It caused me to gain 35 pounds of fluid in two weeks and brought on many other symptoms such as severe fatigue, faintness, and disorientation. On top of my already existing health struggles of Autonomic Dysfunction and MS, it has been a really hard period of time. Thank you so much to everyone who reached out to express their love and concern. I cannot tell you how much it meant to me to receive your support and to know you missed hearing from Graye Note! The Graye Note Team is also my personal care team, so as soon as I fell so suddenly ill, all Graye Note operations abruptly paused. WE MISS YOU SO MUCH! I seem to be getting a little stronger each day, and as I recover, we are planning new videos, articles, and the launch of Graye …

I’m Not Me if I Can’t….

If I can’t create, I’m not me. I learned this truth about a year ago, when it became increasingly apparent to me that life behind a computer is arduous, while one in front of dreamy racks of clothes to be styled is heavenly.

If we aren’t doing the greatest things we were created to do, we’ll never be fulfilled. I have MS. I never write about this or talk about it on social media. It’s not because I’m trying to be secretive. It’s because of a lot of other reasons…

Cold Weather Activities for Kids!

When cold weather hits my first thought is to stay inside and hibernate. Unfortunately, children don’t have that tendency. The more they are cooped up, the crazier they act. The only way to fight the winter crazies is to burn off all of that energy! We are really lucky to live where there are plenty of outdoor activities in the winter time. My daughter loves to stay busy and I love to watch her experience new things, so I signed her up for a few lessons this winter. I’m a teacher, so my first instinct is to sign up for a class whenever possible. But, that doesn’t mean that you couldn’t teach your own child these activities. Also, if you have an older child who already knows how to ski or skate, lessons might not fit your needs. A family outing to the rink, park, or mountain could be your answer to the winter blues. We started off the winter with ice skating lessons. It was a huge success. My daughter is four and had …

New Year…New Me?

With each new day I strive to become a better person than I was the day before. Setting daily goals helps us meet our longer-term goals. Make a decision with each new day to move closer towards a dream! Let’s take one of the most recognized New Year’s Resolutions…Getting Healthy/Losing Weight. Most people will start out strong, making daily trips to the gym, cutting carbs, or even choosing “diets” that are harmful to their bodies. Instead of going all in, set daily or weekly goals for yourself. If you choose a salad over that juicy cheeseburger you have been eating for lunch, you have made a step towards your goal. Too often people will set goals that are far from realistic with the resources they have. After a period of time setting too high of an expectation for themselves they “fail” and get discouraged allowing their resolution to go as quick as it started. Now set down that bowl of ice cream and take a walk around the block instead…you will thank yourself later. While you are at …

Your Holiday Fitness Routine

I’m a firm believer of keeping exercise in your daily routine during the holiday season. I know it seems like just one more thing to do, but it is a great stress release. I especially like to sweat it out early in the morning. This way, I start my day feeling accomplished and ready to take on anything else on my to-do list! My exercise of choice is running. I typically run in the morning and ride out the runner’s high for the rest of the day. But, recently, I went to a hot yoga class with my sister (my first). I know I’m late to the party on this, but it was awesome! It was the closest I’ve felt to a runner’s high, without the actual running. Bonus: I was able to spend some time with my sister! I highly recommend making a date, during the holiday season, for a hot yoga class with someone you need to catch up with. You’ll get in some bonding time and a good sweat! Also, a gift …

The Power of Love

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr. In times of much devastation and death, please ask yourself…Why do we only show support for one another during times of need? We should all show support for one another each and every day. Not only our family and friends who are here on US soil, but our fellow man/woman all over the world. We must share prayer, not only for those who share our path of life, but for those who choose to conduct these hateful crimes! They need our prayers too…everyone needs prayer! We cannot stop a wrongful and brutal situation after it has already happened. Start today by putting “your” power aside and providing the power of love to all of those around you!  We must stand together and be proactive! “When the Power of Love overcomes the Love of Power, the World will know true PEACE!” ~ Sri Chinmoy Ghose

Who Do You Love?

Take a moment and think about it… Did you remember to include yourself? Never forget about loving you!  Take time out of your busy day to focus on you.   Just 10 to 15 minutes will do: gather your thoughts & emotions and make sure you are doing what is necessary to promote a healthy relationship with you.  Embrace who you are and be grateful for your life in the present moment. Put aside 10 to 15 minutes a day to do something you enjoy that brings you peace of mind.  Maybe you would enjoy reading a chapter from your favorite author, or relax while you enjoy 15 minutes of yoga or meditation.  You may even enjoy sitting at the coffee shop with your favorite latte while you wind down from your busy day to just gather your thoughts.  Whatever you choose to do, take time out of your day just for you! Self love increases your ability to provide better relationships with those who you thought of loving first! Now I ask you…who do you …