Chic Home: Bathroom

Having a beautiful and functional bathroom is essential. It will make you happy and cut down your “getting ready” time substantially. I like to keep as many products directly out on my sink as possible for easy and fast use.

It’s not a secret, that to achieve beauty and function, I use a lot of crystal. It’s utterly chic and quite durable. So get ready to crystalize.

  1. Face Cream- How fun is a Chocolate-Shaped Dish for your face cream?
  2. Eye Cream- I use a different dish for my eye cream than for my face cream so I can easily identify which one it is. This Diamond-Top Dish is just perfect!
  3. Q-tips & Lips- I chose this Square Bowl because it has an open top, which makes grabbing a cotton swab or my lip treatment easy breezy. 
  4. Toner- It took a lot of brainstorming to figure out a gorgeous way to house my face toner, but I finally figured it out…a Crystal Mouthwash Bottle!
  5. Cotton Rounds & Rollerballs- A Crystal Sugar Packet Holder with a divider perfectly holds my cotton rounds for my face toner as well as tiny perfumes :).  
  6. Body Cream- I love this Glass Sugar Bowl because the lid lifts off in one second and my whole hand fits in it. This makes moisturizing quick and easy.
  7. Tissue Cover- Keeping tissues out is a must. I use them for everything. The Silver Cover keeps them chic.
  8. Biscuit Barrel- My Biscuit Barrel might be my favorite crystal purchase ever. It keeps my flushable Cottonelle accessible and classy.

Here’s to a sparkly bathroom that will make your heart happy!


Andrea Graye :)