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Chic Home: Bedroom

I hate clutter. And I hate ugly. I’m a very visual person with a great attention to detail, which means every single thing I see in a day affects me.

When I moved into my last apartment, it was quite challenging to fit everything perfectly (as it always is when you’re dealing with a Manhattan apartment). After about a day and a half of desperately trying to make “organization magic,” my good-intentioned dad said, “Don’t worry about how it looks, no one will see it.” Given my passion and zest for life, and loudly (and immediately) responded, “will!!!! I WILL SEE IT! I have eyes!!!!!”

Since I have eyes, and very good ones at that, I’m constantly on a mission to be as chicly organized as possible. Here are my super-helpful findings for the bedroom:

  1. Dresser Drawers: I use Bread Pans to keep my “under bottoms” and my slips organized because they are sleek-looking and the have a smooth surface that won’t pill fabric.
  2. Bed Table Drawers: I don’t like reaching in the top drawer of my nightstand and not being able to find things like my lip treatment or eye drops, so I use these beautiful Crystal Snack Dishes to keep everything in its place.
  3. Makeup Stand: I have a whole crystal network setup to make my makeup stand chic and easy. Use my video, A Makeup Stand for a Princess, to set up your network.
  4. Decor: Our bedroom is where we start our day and end our day. It must be beautiful and it must match our personal aesthetic. This is a very important place to spend some dinero. Make sure you love your bedding (I found mine at Kohl’s), lamps ( has a great assortment), and any other items you choose to allow in your room (I like clean lines, so I just have a few chic-looking fashion books, glass coasters, and fresh flowers).

If our home is chaotic, our life will be chaotic. It’s definitely worth putting time into getting ourselves chicly organized.

Love you!

Andrea Graye :)