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Chic Home: Foyer

Our foyer is our entry into our home. We need it to be attractive and functional. Here’s how we’ll do it:

  1. Mail Station: I use a small Cabinet as the main hub of my foyer. Inside, I keep packages that need to be shipped out, because who wants ugly boxes sitting on the floor? On top, I keep a Tray where we place incoming and outgoing mail.
  2. Seating: Small Storage Ottomans are great for a foyer because they don’t take up much space and they provide an easy place to sit while taking on and off your gorgeous shoes. I seem to always have a bag of items to give to someone, like my mom, and my little ottoman gives me a chic place to tuck it away until I see her.
  3. Keys: I put these Jewelry Boxes everywhere. They are so glamorous and easy to use. In the foyer, I set them on top of the cabinet and this is where we keep our keys. It’s a very good way for everyone to keep track of their own keys because you can buy them with your initial on the top!
  4. Large Mirror: It’s very helpful to have a place to see yourself on your way out the door. After you’ve put on your coat and outdoor accessories, you’ll want to make sure everything is in its place and you look spiff. I hang this Mirror over the cabinet.

I feel good about this. We have recently moved, and my foyer is not yet 100% complete. I’m very eager to finish it up this weekend :)


Andrea Graye :)