Chic Home: Kitchen

It’s time to chic-ify our kitchens :). The following items will make you smile, keep you organized, and look absolutely fabulous!

  1. Glass Cubes I use these to organize small items that otherwise make cabinets and counters messy, such as coffee pods and granola bars. They have an open top so it’s easy to just grab what you need and go. 
  2. Clear Food Containers These are great for leftovers because they seal well and you can quickly see what is in them. I use them for everything to keep the sight lines in my kitchen uniformed and clean.
  3. Oversized Recipe BoxI use to be incorrectly obsessive about my recipes. I thought they needed to be written the exact same way on the exact same cards. That’s terribly time-consuming. This recipe box solves that problem. It’s huge, so any size card fits. And if I tear something out of a magazine, I just fold it and stick it in.
  4. Crystal Napkin Tray I don’t like traditional upright napkin holders. I don’t like that they stick straight up in the air and I don’t like that they make the napkins flop over. So instead, I place my napkins flat on this gorgeous crystal dessert plate.
  5. Mesh Cutlery OrganizerI find the look of this drawer organizer utterly chic. Wood and bamboo organizers tend to get nicked and then look sloppy. I bought the 6 section option to keep things as separated and organized as possible. I don’t want to be slowed down in life because I’m digging for the small fork. 

Happy organizing. Happy living.


Andrea Graye :)