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Chic Home: Office

We can’t be efficient humans if our home is not organized, so imagine how much we will be holding ourselves back if our home office isn’t organized! Not acceptable. So, here is the solution….

  1. Electronics: I use silver and white electronics because their appearance is streamlined. My Mousepad is also silver, and my Keyboard and Mouse are wireless. I find nothing less chic than a pile of wires! To nicely conceal the wire that must run from my desk to the wall, I use two Cord Covers. One is silver and covers the wire running down the leg of my desk, and the other is wood-colored and covers the wire running across my floor.
  2. Desk: I have a silver mirrored Console Table as my desk. It works perfectly for me because it doesn’t take up too much space in my office (which also doubles as my closet) and it has two nice drawers to keep me organized.
  3. Chair & Ottoman: I currently have a traditional Office Chair, but I don’t want a traditional office chair. Since I have moved my office into my closet, I want more of an Accent Chair. I just ordered it last night and oooh, oooh, oooh, I just tracked it and found out it’s arriving tomorrow! Either of these options will be great for you. They are both leather/”leather-like” which means they will not pill our pretty clothes we are wearing while we work. I like to be comfy while I’m working, so I put my legs up on an Ottoman.
  4. Pen Holder: For those of you worried we almost finished a room in our house without any mention of crystal, fear not! To keep my pens and markers chicly organized, I place them on this beautiful Crystal Butter Dish!

Now that our office is chic, we can be happy, peaceful, and little efficient machines!


Andrea Graye :)