Chic Home: Step 1

Our home is everything. It’s the center and start of everything we do. This means it has to reflect who we are. You don’t want to open your eyes from a peaceful slumber to see a pile of garbage-e-o that you hate. That will get your day started off all wrong!

Here’s what you need to do to fix it: Set up 2 large containers and label them garbage and recycling. Over the course of the next week, observe everything in your home. Whenever you see something and your reaction to it is anything but positive, toss it into one of your bins. Don’t keep anything out of guilt or fear. It doesn’t matter who gave it to you or how long you’ve had it. Nor does it matter if you might want it again in the future. If you want or need it again, there will be a way for you to replace it. Please believe me that this exercise will make you feel free.

Once you’ve set your home (and yourself) free, stay that way! Be extremely particular about what you bring and allow to remain in your home. Since I stopped being afraid of throwing things into the garbage, I not only have a clean home, I have a clean mind.

Stay tuned for my new series of articles called “Chic Home” where I give you tips on how to replace what you’ve tossed with with beautiful and functional items you need!

Love you!

Andrea Graye :)