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Chic Kit: Summer Fashion

I LOVE summer. And as I’ve mentioned, I of course still want to look chic and feel like me, even though I want dressing to be as simple as possible! Here are my stylist tricks to keep things chic and easy all summer long:

  1. Delicate SprayUse to freshen up your clothing (turn inside out first).
  2. Mesh Laundry BagsUse to wash your delicate summer wardrobe pieces (white bags for your “lights” and black bags for your “darks”).
  3. Laundry Color CatchersUse when washing different bright colors together in the same load.
  4. Double-Stick TapeUse to hold slightly low necklines in place.
  5. Toe PadsUse under your toe to prevent slipping through the front of heels that have an “open-toe.”
  6. Anti-Perspirant SpongeUse to remove an anti-perspirant that has gotten on the outside of your clothing.
  7. Bra ClipUse to convert a “regular” bra to a “racerback” bra.


Andrea Graye :)