Chic Kit: Travel Essentials!

Travel should be fun, easy, AND relaxing! So, we must become expert travelers so packing for our trips NEVER feels hard! Here are the key essentials that you need to make traveling as easy-breezy as possible!!!

Hard Case Luggage: I did A LOT of research on luggage. I talked to friends who are frequent travelers, I read reviews online, and I marched around Manhattan department stores yanking on handles and testing out the wheelies. I literally searched high and low, initially planning to present you with luggage options at different price points. But guess what! I think high-priced luggage is a total rip (as in rip-off). Luggage that literally would cost thousands of dollars to buy a set of, has sliding handles that hardly slide at all. They make an awful sound and you have to keep jiggling the handle to get it to slide open all the way…yucko! Other problems I came across included luggage simply being ugly, both inside and out, as well as the inner compartments not being functional. So, it turns out, the BEST luggage is a 4-piece set for a total of $238.99 from Amazon! I LOVE this luggage for the following reasons: 1) The outside is a gorgeous color and it is made out of a hard shell that will prevent our treasures from being snapped, crackled, and popped. 2) The mini-est piece fits in the overhead compartment of tiny commuter planes that usually make you gate-check your luggage. 3) The two larger pieces of luggage have 360 degree wheels. I’ve decided I’m okay with the smaller ones not having the ability to swivel 360 degrees, because that means they have more concealed wheels that fit better in overhead compartments on airplanes. 4) There are multiple inner compartments that make organizing easy! PLUS, the pattern on the liner isn’t hideous as it is with most other luggage I researched. Now, I must always tell you the truth, so I have to include that the little logo/plaque on the outside of the luggage tends to fall off after it’s been tossed down a luggage carousel. But, I’ve decided I’m okay with that. However, if anyone from Traveler’s Choice is reading this article, can you please fix this problem with your luggage. It will make your product PERFECT!

Luggage Tags: These tags feel a little price-arific for what they are, but I’ve tried less expensive ones and they fall apart, leaving black dye everywhere. A bonus with these, is that they are made out of saffiano leather, so they’ll be scratch-resisitant.

Jewelry Organizer: This organizer is perfect for all jewelry other than “specialty pieces” and super-sized pieces. The compartments are clear, so you can quickly see what is in them, and they have an easy zipper closure ( If you have special pieces of jewelry that you want to travel with, it is best to keep them in their original case that they came in. If you no longer have that, carefully wrap them individually in a very soft shoe bag or pillowcase, then place them in a hard sunglass case to protect them from being squashed. I recommend ivory satin pillowcases because they are less likely to leave lint on your jewelry ( Any super-sized pieces of jewelry that you aren’t worried about damaging can be tossed individually into a pillowcase or shoe bag as well.

“Shoe” Bags and Tissue Paper: Just as we need to protect our jewelry when we travel, we must also protect our shoes. To prevent them from turning into a pancaked raisin, stuff the entire inside of them with tissue paper or paper towels (, and then wrap each one individually in the shoe bag it came with. If it did not come with a shoe bag, you can use satin pillowcases, because they will be gentle on your shoes. You should buy these in silver (, so you can differentiate them from your satin pillowcases used for your jewelry. The soles of shoes can have dirt on them, and the last thing we need is dirt on our diamonds!

Tote Bag: The three most important factors to consider when selecting a tote bag for travel are the material, the closure, and the shape. You want a bag that is made out of a durable leather, has a top zip closure so nothing spills out, and is wide and shallow (also known as “East West”) so you can easily find things in it.

Medication Bag: It’s importante when we travel to bring some essential medication-type products with us (I usually bring Benadryl, Benadryl Cream, Advil, Band-Aids, Alcohol Swabs, and Neosporin). And, it’s equally importante to bring them in a chic case that we can toss in our tote bag to have on-hand. If I’m traveling for more than a few days, I have extra products packed in my toiletry suitcase.

Saffiano Makeup Cases: I like that these cases come in a set of two, because you can put your makeup in one and your tools (tweezers, brushes, etc.) in the other.

Fabric Spray: This product is an absolute must! I always bring it with me when I travel, because you can easily freshen up an article of clothing and re-wear it.

Toiletry Organizers: I use the second smallest suitcase from the set I recommended above for my toiletries. You can click on this link to see a video on exactly how I pack my toiletries for a trip that is longer than a couple of days.

Have fun packing (and traveling!)!!!


Andrea Graye :)