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Chic Kit: Underlayer Essentials

I love spring and summer dresses, but I also love being appropriate and unfortch, so many dresses are made with no liner and/or thin material. This makes wearing them VERY difficult. So, I came up with a solution. We need to create our own little kit to keep in our closet that will make the perfect “underlayers” for our lightweight dresses. Meet your team…..

The goal is not to make our underlayers (I like making this one word) match our skin. Instead, we want them to blend in with the dress. If the dress is a light color, you’ll go with your nude underlayers, and if the dress is a dark color, you’ll go with you black underlayers. I’ve selected colors of the camisole, slip, and “zippers” that will look the most seamless when worn together.

  1. Camisoles: in Natural and Black 
  2. Half Slips: in True Nude and Black
  3. Short “Zippers”: in Cream Blush and Black
  4. Long “Zippers”: in Cream Blush and Black

I can’t wait for you to get your kit. I feel very cozy when I wear mine! AND it makes getting dressed much easier!

Andrea Graye :)