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Comfort While You Shop

Shopping can be hard. Who wants to make anything feel strenuous while you’re doing something that should only be blissful?! To avoid any strain while we holiday shop, we must properly gear up…

  1. Layers: Temperatures fluctuate greatly when you are in and out of shops. Wear a soft, Chunky Cardigan that is easy to take off, and layer it over a Lightweight Blouse.
  2. Flexible Pants: You will probably need to bend and stretch and squat and reach while holiday shopping, so you’ll need Pants that move with you.
  3. Marching Shoes: The last thing we need is sore feet. I certainly don’t want my shopping extravaganza cut short due to swollen tootsies. Flat Suede Ankle Boots will be perfect for chic hours of marching about.
  4. Cross-body Purse: We need our hands and arms to be free to grab, pile, and carry treasures. A Leather Flap Satchel Bag will free us up to do just that.
  5. Winter Accessories: I don’t wear or bring a coat with me when I shop. I find it too warm, heavy, and bulky. Instead, I wear Earmuffs, Gloves, and a Scarf, because they can all be easily tossed into my handbag once I’m indoors.

One more very important factor that will keep us happy and comfy while we shop for our loved ones (and ourselves if we see something magical) is to stay nourished and hydrated…delicious snacks and lots of water!


Andrea Graye :)