Consignment Shopping 101

My closet has to be filled with designer masterpieces. It simply does. It’s just the way my heart was created. It literally skips a beat and I lose my breath when I see vintage Oscar de la Renta cascading from a satin hanger. The problem is my bank account doesn’t respect my heart.

The solution is consignment shopping! Living in Manhattan gives me access to some of the most amazing consignment shops in the world. You just need to march into the neighborhood where the ladies dress how you do and you’ll find dozens of items that suit you perfectly in resale shops. But don’t fret if you don’t live here! There are great consignment shops popping up online, such as, which is currently my go-to. You can favorite items you like and then watch to see if the prices drop. I recently bought a wool Dolce & Gabbana skirt for $40!

There are a few very important tricks to second-hand shopping, so please read below and implement!

  1. Have an Eagle Eye. Examine every centimeter of an item. Check for tears, holes, pills, and snags. When shopping in person, also investigate the inside of the item. When shopping online, it’s best to do it on your phone, so you can zoom in. Also be sure to read the detailed descriptions online, as they should indicate the item’s condition.
  2. Try it On. You cannot believe the size written on the label when consignment shopping, because it does not take into consideration alterations the original owner made. What I love about is that many of their items can be returned for a full refund.
  3. Get it Cleaned. I try to avoid dry cleaning at all costs, but whenever you buy consignment, you must clean it immediately. Unfortunately, many people do not care for their clothing properly and you do not want to wear someone else’s dirty clothes. There is also the much dreaded fashion problem of moths. Yuck. I ate even saying the word. They eat clothing, specifically clothing that has been worn and not cleaned. So, after you find that $40 treasure, it’s well worth it to have it cleaned so it doesn’t disappear once you bring it home.

Happy Hunting!


Andrea Graye :)