Dream a Little Dream with Me

This is a phrase that floats into my mind every once in awhile when I’m in need of encouragement.  The words, to me, are calming.  A peace washes over me when I hear them.  Sometimes, a tear wells in my eye.  Always, I’m overcome by emotion.  Regardless of my circumstances of that particular day, I’m reminded that I am capable of something so much bigger than whatever is bringing me down.  We have all been created for something great.  Each of us with our own unique gifts that the world needs us to use.  Right now, for me, that gift is to bring laughter and hope.  What is yours?  Maybe you’re not sure what it is yet.  Here’s the easiest way to find out: What comes naturally to you and when you do it, you receive immense joy?  Happy gift-finding and using!!!


Andrea Graye :)