Efficiently Getting Out the Door

I went through this terrible phase a few years ago where leaving the house felt like preparing to climb Mt. Everest. This was no bueno. It caused me to hardly ever leave the house, and when I did I was constantly stressed and anxious. That’s no way to live! So, I made a change and got my life together. Now, I’m always ready to go, which means, I’ve living life and not hiding from it. Here’s how:

  1. Purse Packed- My handbag is always organized and ready to leave the house. I use mesh Cosmetic Bags to hold my contents, which makes swapping between handbags a breeze.
  2. Be Dressed- If you’re marching around your house in your flannel PJs you are not ready to join the world for the day. Make it a habit to get dressed first thing each morning. If you want to remain in comfy clothes, check out my video on Chic & Easy Loungewear you can leave the house in.
  3. To-Go Food & Beverages- I eat frequently. This can be complicated when you’re not near your fridge. To combat this problem, I always keep “purse snacks” on-hand to grab on my way out the door: Carrot Dippers, GoMacro Bars, Cheese SticksGrapes, Mini Water Bottles, and Iced Coffee Bottles.

Just like everything, the more you practice and make something a habit, the easier it is. Enjoy living! Love you!


Andrea Graye :)