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Equation for Efficiency

I’m all about efficiency. I like to decrease the amount of time things take that are tedious and/or boring, so I can focus on things that tend to start with the letter P…. like Prosecco and purses. Here’s how to do that:

Efficiency is all about having an attention to detail without at all being obsessive.

It’s very important that we recognize to “be efficient” we need to completely and thoroughly “do the job.” If our job is to clean the kitchen, and we get it done in as little as 5 minutes, but there are crumbs left all over the counter, that does NOT count as doing the job.

If we struggle with obsessiveness, we’ll never be efficient. Unfortunately, I use to be extremely obsessive and in a day, I wasn’t able to do even half of what I can do now. So how do we stop being obsessive? We have to stop being scared. At the root of obsessiveness is fear. I use to fear that I wouldn’t be “good enough.” I use to fear that whatever I was doing wouldn’t be “good enough.” The irony is that in fearing that, I made it come true. Whatever we are doing can’t possibly be good enough if we are obsessive, because when we obsess, we’re anxious, and when we’re anxious, we don’t think as clearly, and when we don’t think clearly, we can’t access all of the intelligence we have in our brain. Once I let my fear go, my mind was able to function clearly, and I really became smarter. When my mind is clear, I can think logically, which makes me able to process information quickly and be decisive. Decisiveness is key to efficiency.

Tara Felice and I give more tips on how to be decisive in Graye Note Radio’s podcast, How to Make Decisions.

Love you!

Andrea Graye :)