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Fall Beauty Buys

With each changing season, we must analyze our beauty routine to determine what the new weather conditions are calling for. I’ve done that for us, and these are the top 4 beauty buys to get us through fall:

  1. Frizz Ease Serum: In the summer, I try to make my hair as low-maintenance as possible (which typically means totally natural/crazy), but once fall hits I’m looking for a more “refined” style, which absolutely calls for this magical serum that helps me to easily straighten my hair. I explained all of my steps for straightening my hair quickly in the article, Perfect Hair Without the Blowout
  2. Pore Minimizing Toner: I avoid wearing makeup at all costs in the summer, but by fall I’m ready for it again. To prep my skin, I make sure that I use toner in the morning and at night to minimize my pores. This makes applying makeup much easier. 
  3. Body Moisturizer: Keeping your skin slathered in rich moisturizer helps to prolong that summer glow. I’ve tried using less expensive moisturizers and my skin is visibly dry. Since it’s fall, I’m deliberate about selecting a high quality one with a festive scent!
  4. Light Nail Color or Dark Nail Color: Each new season calls for new nail colors!

Happy Fall!

Andrea Graye