Fall Fashion: Date Night!

Okay, so it’s absolutely imperative that we are always ready with a stellar outfit for a date night!  The most wonderful of the Prince Charmings know we love a great surprise….as long as we’re “ready” for it!

This outfit consists of 6 essential pieces to keep in your closet that should inspire an invitation to a glamorous night out!

Drapey Top: As I cannot stop saying, I’ve been obsessed with all things wine-colored since last winter, so I’m ecstatic that this light-weight, fluid top comes in this hue!  Banana Republic is calling it “Black Rose.”  How fabulous of a color name for date night?!  (Notes: this top runs approximately one size larger than normal and you must wear a solid camisole underneath it because it is thin.) 

“Leather” Pencil Skirt: Nothing says date night quite like a super-fitted pencil skirt.  This one is extra incredible, because the fabric is faux animal skin, which screams “adventure!”

Killer Heel: The perfect addition to a pencil skirt is a sky-high stiletto.  For that extra splash, we need a pair with metallic accents! High $: / Low $: 

Black Clutch: Nowadays, the word “clutch” is being thrown around a little too loosely.  Something that is definitely large enough to hold the entire contents of our life is a purse disguised as clutch.  Unacceptable.  Leaving the house with everything we own is not going to help us achieve the relaxed, light-hearted vibe that ensures a great night. High $: / Low $:

Gold Cuff: Every amaze outfit must be topped off with a statement accessory.  For date night,  I’ve selected a gold cuff bracelet.  It’s fabulously chic and brings out the metallic accents in our shoes!

Happy shopping and here’s to hoping all of our princes stumble upon this article!


Andrea Graye :)