Fall Fashion in Hot Temps

September can be such a tricky time of year to get dressed. For everyone in love with fashion, it truly is the start of a new year, and with that comes such an eagerness to begin wearing new fall clothing! The catch is that it’s usually still 85 degrees and fur chubbies just won’t do….soooo, enter “transition” dressing: selecting items that look fallish but will still keep you cool.

Sleeveless Blouse: I selected this Vince Camuto Ruffle Blouse because it has a mock neck and comes in the color, Raisin. Both of these elements give a nod to fall, while the blouse itself is sleeveless and lightweight. Perfect balance!

Pleated Midi Skirt: The fabric and length of this High Waist Midi will keep you comfortable, and the light Pink hue will dance nicely against the merlot blouse :).

Gold Flats: The Pointed-Toe Fancy Flat is essential. It screams fall in the color, Fancy-Gold, because of its glitz and the fact that it has a closed toe. They are also fabulous because they will be perfect with pants as the weather cools!

Happy “New” Year Ladies!


Andrea Graye :)