Fall Fashion: Weekend in the City

I love Fall weather!  The idea of piling on layers of beautiful clothing completely excites me!!!!  Sooo….I cannot wait for the weekend in the city to wear this insanely chic, layered outfit that I found!

Duster Cardigan: A “duster” is basically a long cardigan that is typically worn open.  The one I found doesn’t even have buttons.  I love it because it has such a laid-back, yet put-together vibe.  It’s perfect for Fall; you can easily remove it if you’ve shopped so hard that you totes overheated (this is my FAVORITE way to “workout” in the city on the weekend!)

Modal Long Sleeve Top: I am obsessed with clothing that is made out of modal.  It’s a very comfortable fabric that reads “fancier” than a basic cotton shirt.

Flannel Pant:  I have been in love with textured pants since last winter.  Pants that are made out of an interesting fabric instantly add uniqueness to your outfit!

Moccasin: Moccasins are the best shoe for the weekend;  they are made out of leather, so they look fabulous, AND they are super easy to walk around the city in. High: / Low:

Man’s Bag: Nothing is chicer than grabbing a “man” bag on the way out of your apartment on a Saturday morning.  It feels so chic-casz in the most fabulous way.  It screams, “I’m on my way out for the day, and who knows what this great city has in store for me!”

Pendant Necklace: During the week, I layer on the jewels.  I simply don’t understand “a necklace, a ring.”  My clothes are a blank canvas waiting to be painted!  Dilemma: On the weekend, I like to be a free spirit who just ups and leaves the house on a whim.  BUT, if I’m not jeweled, I do NOT feel like me.  Solution: a necklace and a ring that are easy to put on AND bring enough umph on their own that I can skip the layering! Necklace: / Ring:

Enjoy your weekend of shopping, cardio-ing, and the city taking you wherever it desires!!!


Andrea Graye :)