Fall Fashion: Weekend in the Country

When I think about spending the weekend in the country, my mind’s framework for fashion needs to make a slight shift.  In Manhattan, I go from elevators to doormen-operated doors to Uber black cars, so the word “function” very rarely needs to come into play when selecting my wardrobe.  The “country” however, is a whole other playing field….

There’s mud and trees and chilly air that we have to experience when we’re out in “nature.”  So, I have brainstormed for us ladies, and I’ve come up the ultimate chic “weekend in the country” look that will take us fabulously from the coffee shop to the apple orchard!

Cashmere Sweater: Cashmere instantly screams luxury, while still offering comfort, ease of movement, and warmth, so it absolutely needed to be the item I styled the entire look around!

Lightweight Blouse: I rarely can wear just one layer and feel chic, so I have selected a gorge blouse for us to wear underneath our cashmere.  It will peak out in all the right places and scream sophistication, while still be country-appropriate.  (And, it’s machine washable, so if we get a little “roughed up” at the orchard, we don’t have to fear irreversible damage!).

Chic “Jogger” Pant: Okay, so hands down, this is the pant style that I am favoring and utterly ob-sessed with this season!  They so easily slip on, provide extreme coziness, and have such an effortless cool appeal!

Exotic Slides: Slides (a.k.a. “mules” but I will NOT be using that word here because I believe it completely lacks any bit of chicness!) are absolutely perf for the weekend because you literally just slide them on and go!  I wanted nothing more then to feature a Gucci slide for the “High” price option of this shoe style.  I’m obsessed with Gucci loafers and moccasins this season and could not get enough of them, even if my entire closet was wall-papered with their shimmery, buttery leather.  So, you can imagine my deep devastation when the only pair I could find in an exotic skin looked like a lion’s mane emerging from the footbed (  Upon further research, I learned that my observation was essentially spot-on, as the lining is made from “natural kangaroo.”  Now, I’m one to sport a real fur vest in August if it comes in the exact right shade of white, so please do not misunderstand; I am NOT starting a protest against the use of leather or fur in fashion…except in this case… a perfectly exotic and ultra-chic slide for our weekend-in-the-country-feet was RUINED by the designer making it look like, I myself, have turned into a marsupial!  Thankfully, Robert Clergerie has come to the rescue and is offering a lovely high-end slide with an “exotic” feel!  High: / Low: 

Open Tote: There’s nothing better than quickly and easily tossing your belongings into a roomy tote that has a wide opening on the top.  When I envisioned our perfect country look for this Fall, I kept seeing this gorgeous leather tote in a deep olive/military hue.  It will introduce a lovely hint of color into our look that will feel easy and not overdone!  High: (color Military) /  Low: (color Olive Tree)

Stud Earrings: Just like I don’t feel put together without layers in the Fall, I also do NOT feel put together without jewelry!  But, I do recognize that dripping in strands of gold and silver can functionally get in the way while being active in nature!  So, I have come up with an amaze solution: statement, stud earrings!  This is an awesome solution, because we can still be accessorized, but our studs won’t get in the way of anything we need to do!!

Remember, regardless of what we’re doing, there’s always room to be chic! Love you, ladies!

xoxoxoxo :)

Andrea Graye