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Fall Fashion: Work to Wear

I LOVE Fall! It’s my most favorite fashion season, so I am ec-static to write about what to wear to work this fall!!!

For starters, we need an amazing ivory blouse. I love this H&M Ruffled Blouse because of its beautiful detail. (And, it’s only $10!).

Next, we must have a narrow wool pant.  The J.Crew Martie Pant is perfect because of its sleek silhouette and rich colors.

Shoes make the outfit. I can’t say it enough. Right now, I’m loving a burgundy brogue (shoe) without the laces. I think it’s chic and fresh. If you want to go designer, Burberry London is the way to go. For a more budget-friendly option, I like ASOS MAI.

The handbag style I’m really liking this fall is a matte “barrel” bag. I love its vintage feel. The Gucci Vintage Web Bag is perfect as an investment piece and the Calvin Klein Barrel Satchel is a wonderful lower-priced option.

Happing working (and looking fab!)!!!


Andrea Graye :)