Fall Fashion: Work to Wear

Some people would classify this first look I’m featuring for Fall as “Wear to Work.”  But, when I said it to myself, it just didn’t feel right.  For me, “Work to Wear” just makes so much more sense!  There’s a hundred reasons to work, but perhaps one of the top 2 is to wear fabulous “work-themed” clothes every day!!!!

I like to change up my look often, depending on my mood.  So, I love having different “categories” of my wardrobe!  Today, let’s chat about a super-chic Fall look to wear to the office!

I have been obsessed with all things in the hues of fuchsia and cranberry since last year, so you will see this in all of my Fall looks this year!

Item Jacket: I’m in love with an “item” jacket.  This simply means a jacket that is more unique than a typical “suit” jacket; it has an interesting element, such as texture or trim.  It adds instant personality and chicness to any outfit.  This is a great investment piece because you can also wear it with a great pair of jeans on the weekend!

Chiffon Blouse: “Chiffon” basically refers to a fabric that is woven, lightweight, and sheer (so you MUST wear a camisole underneath this blouse to keep it totes aprope).  Blouses made in this fabric are great because they look dressy and they tuck in to your bottoms well without creating bulge.

Tailored Trouser: When it comes to a great pant, it’s all about the fit.  I love an amazingly tailored trouser.  It so sophisticated and fun all at the same time! 

Neutral Pump: I firmly believe there is not a more flattering shoe in existence than a neutral pump (the perfect exact shade of “neutral” varies depending on your skin tone).  It elongates your silhouette and complements your look, instead of distracting from it.  This is very important if you have a lot going on with your clothing (which, from the above photograph, you can see that I do).  High $:  /  Low $:

Men’s Briefcase:  I really like men’s accessories. They are so structured and sleek!  A black men’s briefcase is perfect for work when paired with an ultra-feminine outfit!

Men’s Watch: I have been stealing men’s watches since the first time I laid my eyes on a fabulous one (note: I steal them from my husband and his best friend, not department stores).  Most of the time, they are just SO MUCH chicer than women’s watches.  I love everything about them: oversized, intricate faces, insanely amazing metals.  And best of all, they offer the perfect juxtaposition to the rest of my outfit.  I always need a “surprise” element in what I’m wearing.  If not, it’s just boring.

Yaayyy!!! I’m so jazzed about this Fall look…time to set up some business meetings so I can wear it!

Items used in this image: Escada jacket, H&M blouse, Piazza Sempione trouser, Oscar de la Renta pump.