Fashion Class: Designer Labels Decoded

Have you ever wondered why there was an extra “MICHAEL” written on the label of your Michael Kors bag? Or what the difference is between Lauren Ralph Lauren and Ralph Lauren Collection?

The answer to these questions is muy importante, as we always need to be educated consumers. Designers often have different “lines” of clothing that sell at different price points. The confusing part is, they often just use a different version of their name for each line. But, what’s the real difference?

  1. Price- “Diffusion” lines are the lower price lines from a designer. A MICHAEL Michael Kors dress costs $250, while a Michael Kors Collection dress costs $2,000. WHY?!?!?!
  2. Quality- The price difference with clothing is actually warranted. Clothing that is considered “designer” and retails in the thousands actually costs a lot of money to produce. The fabrics are the most beautiful and luxurious of all the fibers in the world. The silhouettes are cut with great detail to provide the most flattering fits, which requires complicated (and costly) patterns to be made. The garments are lined and seamed and interfaced for durability. All of this adds up.

While it would be marvelous to drench ourselves every single day in all “collection” line garments, this is not realistic for most of the world. So diffusion lines are our friends. They still offer great design and fun fashion at a much more approachable cost (especially when you pick them up at HUGE discounts at off-price retailers such as, , or!!!).


Andrea Graye :)