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Fast Morning Makeup

I use to take forever to apply makeup. This resulted in me dreading having to put it on, being stressed the entire time I tried, and I usually ended up late to wherever I was headed. That is not a chic nor easy way to live, so I became determined to make a change and came up with a streamlined routine for my “everyday makeup.”

  • Primer & Concealer- The first step is to use a beautyblender to apply Smashbox Foundation Primer all over my face (including under my eyes and on my eyelids) and upper neck. I then use a second beautyblender to apply MAKE UP FOREVER Full Cover concealer all over as though it was foundation. The beautyblenders are super helpful because they don’t get my hands dirty, so I don’t have to waste time trying to scrub makeup off them.
  • Eye Shadow & Liner- I then take a Shadow Brush to apply the light brown shadow from the Chanel Palette across my eyelid. After that, I use the Liner Brush to apply the dark brown shadow as eyeliner above and below my eye.
  • Mascara- Next, I apply one coat of Black Mascara to my upper and lower lashes.
  • Blush- My last step is to use a Precision Brush to apply Chanel JOUES CONTRASTE (in color, In Love) in a triangle shape along my cheekbones and back to my ears.

I keep Untinted Lip Treatment in my bag and apply it on my way to wherever I’m going without needing a mirror. It makes my lips look moist and glossy!

Each day you use this routine, it will become more like second nature to you and you’ll cut down your makeup time a little more!


Andrea Graye :)