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Feeling Fall Fashion

I think I say this every year: “I LOVE fall fashion!” It marks the beginning of a new year on the fashion calendar. However, these days, true fall clothing generally isn’t weather-appropriate until it’s almost time to stop wearing it! This is not acceptable because I’m certainly not going to march about Manhattan in my coral-colored beach dress just because it’s still 80 degrees. So, here’s the solution of what to wear instead:

  • Identify Your “New” Style: Before we can adapt our fall style to the current weather conditions, we have to know our end goal. What are you “feeling”? This year, I’m feeling boxy item jackets and sweaters, stretchy knit long sleeve tees, and very wide leg pants in deep purple, dark red, and a rosey-mauve shade. For shoes, I want block heel pumps and boots.
  • Break it Down: What is at the core of what you’re feeling? For me, the core is a deconstructed and exaggerated sophistication in a very specific color palette. This is seen in the very wide leg pant, the exact style of the boxy item jackets, and the block heels.
  • Adapt It: Now we have to figure out how we’re going to make it work in warm weather. Since pants and sweaters don’t exactly scream, “Great for 80 degrees and sunny!” I need to make it work with a different silhouette. The easiest thing to adapt is the color pattern and the shoes. I’m going to look for a dress in the colors I noted, because it will be great for warm weather. Next, I’m going to find a block heel pump because that will keep me cooler than a boot. To top it off, I’ll pair it with a deconstructed jacket draped over my shoulders. This is a good trick for “wearing” a jacket when you’re not actually cold.

My Adapted Look: Fringe Tweed JacketVintage Pink DressDeep Purple Block Pump, Brown Structured Bag (CLICK HERE TO ENTER TO WIN IT!)

Have fun finding your style!

Andrea Graye :)