Festive Plants For “Decking the Halls”

We all have our own traditions that we’ll be celebrating this holiday season, along with a vision in our minds eye of what it will look and feel like. In my family, memories of a magical Christmas are beyond extraordinary! Everything from the spiritual meaning of Christmas and Midnight Mass, to the process of “setting the scene” with all things decorated. For my magical Christmas Eve and Day, festive plants and flowers of the season are a part of my decor! They’re perfect for gift giving too (and grocery stores have quite the variety at reasonable prices).

The most prominent of the season is the Poinsettia! The “petals” at the top are actually leaves in red, pink, cream, or marbled; green leaves cover the rest of the plant. Under the right conditions they will last through the Christmas season…..but they are too fussy to keep around for a long time. Start over with a new plant next Christmas. bit.ly/1XXFR8Y

Another popular plant is the Amaryllis. It comes in red, white, pink, or striped combinations of those colors. They have 2 to 8 trumpet-shaped, horizontal blooms that are 8″ across. Those blooms burst out atop straight, hollowed stems, 12″ to 18″ long, with strap-shaped leaves. With proper care after blooming, this stunner will re-bloom! bit.ly/1NVALEp

The long-lived Christmas Cactus….in colors of red, white, purple, orange, or pink, is named so because that’s when it magically blooms! The flowers bloom at the end of long, draping, green, segmented stems. This one is a keeper….as long as you don’t mind it blooming once a year! bit.ly/1IQNBCR

It goes without saying…..O’ Tannenbaum will soon be the center of all the gifts, strewn wrapping paper, and cookie crumbs, but when you’re “decking the halls” with boughs of holly (or pine), in the comfort and joy of your own home, remember to add these festive plants to your holiday decor. Oh, and don’t forget the Mistletoe!

From my family to yours, have a very Merry Christmas!

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” (Luke 2:14) & (A Charlie Brown Christmas*:)