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Fitting in a Workout When Kids Are Home

I interviewed our Graye Note ladies, Stephanie Viloria and Tara Felice, to get the secret to how they stay in such amazing shape, even when their kids are home during the summer. Here’s what I found out:

  1. “Running”- You can run with your tiny ones in a Jogging Stroller and your older children can bike along with you. There are also double strollers and bike trailers which might suit your family size better.
  2. Trampoline- Jumping on a trampoline with your kids can burn some serious calories.
  3. Walking- If you or your little ones don’t prefer to run, take a walk and play “I Spy” to keep it fun for the kids. 
  4. Dancing- Turn on some music and throw a dance party. The key for us adults is to make sure we’re moving around consistently to burn calories.
  5. Weights- Buy yourself a pair of Hand Weights and keep them somewhere you can easily access them. When the kids are coloring or playing with their toys, grab your weights and start lifting while you hang out with them.
  6. “Nap” Workouts- While the kids are napping, take advantage of workouts that stream online from companies such as Beachbody or Oiselle.
  7. Yoga- Do at-home yoga with Jasyoga. They even have the Mamas Collection for free!

Happy Summer!

Andrea Graye :)