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Germs and Bacteria are Hiding

I hate germs and bacteria. They really upset me. They’re tricky so we always have to be on the lookout for how and where to eliminate them. Here are a few cleaning products you might not realize you need:

  • Antibacterial Keyboard WipesI use these on my keyboard, mouse, and mousepad (because I have a super-chic Mousepad that is wipeable). Think about how much you (or eek-other people) touch your keyboard and mouse!
  • Monitor Kit: It looks yuck-o if your monitor is smudgy and covered in gunk. So, while we are cleaning our computer area, we might as well spiffy up our monitor too. I don’t use the wipes on my computer monitor that come in this kit. Instead, I spray from the bottle onto the cloth and then very gently wipe the monitor screen.

Happy Cleaning!

Andrea Graye :)