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Getting Dressed Can Be EASY!

There was definitely a time when I did NOT feel that getting dressed was easy. I love fashion so much and I always want to look on the outside how I feel on the inside, but I NEVER want it to take more than a few minutes to accomplish this goal. Once I got myself organized and streamlined my process, I was able to cut down the time immensely. I just need to stick to these simple steps:

  1. Organize: The first step for basically everything in life is to get organized. Last fall I wrote an article specifically on Closet Organization that will help you perfectly.
  2. Lighting: Make sure you can SEE. If your closet doesn’t currently have good lighting, you can easily add more with Self-Adhesive Wireless Light Strips.
  3. Fitting: Have a “fitting” for yourself where you try on clothes that you aren’t sure fit you. When I gained a lot of weight from medication I was recently on, I had no idea what fit and what didn’t. This added a tremendous amount of time to getting ready. Now I make sure I try clothes on ahead of the day that I need to wear them.
  4. Buy Multiples: It is so hard to find clothing that fits well, suits my style, and has the right price, so when I find something that actually fits this criteria, I buy as many duplicates of it as I can afford. This is especially helpful with pants and with blouses I layer under dresses.
  5. Shop Your Closet: Take note of what items you always wish you had when you’re trying to get dressed. For example, if you continuously go to the blouse section of your closet looking for an ivory collared woven blouse, start a list on your phone titled, “Clothes I Need”, and write it down.
  6. Steam/Lint Roll: I have made it a habit to be sure all of my clothes have been Steamed and Lint Rolled before I put them in my closet. That way, they are always immediately ready for me to throw them on.
  7. Everything Has a Home: It’s absolutely crucial to keep everything in its place. The biggest risk for a mess is clothing that we’ve technically worn but we don’t feel needs to be washed or dry cleaned yet. This often results in clothing being thrown over a chair or tossed in the corner on the floor. That will just create wrinkles and confusing heaps of unidentifiable clothes. Instead, put them back on a hanger with the hook facing out. This is extremely helpful because I don’t have to worry that I will forget it and it will stay there too long, eventually attracting moths.

Remember, organization simplifies life and makes it easier. Who doesn’t want that?

Andrea Graye :)