Glaze into Fall

Light Ombrés and variations of hair painting were the trend this summer in the hair world, but now it’s time to glaze into fall! Is your hair brassy or dry after being a beach bum? This is an affordable way to color-correct oxidized hair from sun, chlorine, and saltwater. Restore your hair and correct pH after summer wear and tear!

You really want to seal down that cuticle especially if you have had previously highlighted hair. Glazes can tone the color of your hair, so switch it up for the new season! Go richer, go deeper! Creative colors are very sought after right now; the blues, purples, and combinations of colors are endless. If your light enough and wild enough, switch up your look!

Personally, I am loving the wine and burgundy hair tones this season. These colors are right on trend in the fashion world this fall. If you are a brunette, warm it up! Get rid of that sandy, mousy brown, and get some hot chocolate and espresso; these rich tones are beautiful. If that’s too light for you, and you love your onyx mane, cool it down! Ask for a blue glaze. If you are a blonde, deepen your color a level with a glaze.

It is semi-permanent color, so it will fade out quickly if you need it to! If you don’t want to alter your color at all, ask your stylist for a clear glaze! Tricks like glazing your hair once every 4-6 weeks will definitely promote hair health. Healthy hair is easier to style and will save you time and money in the long run. The average cost of a glaze is around $40. Every salon uses different professional products, but I recommend Wella Color Touch line. It promotes so much noticeable shine and conditions your hair! I do one a month on myself! It’s so important to do affordable things like this to maintain healthy hair… And its important to be healthy ladies!

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