Going Green with Natural Air Purifiers!  

I was sitting on my porch swing, breathing in the fresh air and basking in the warmth of the sun, soaking up as much of it as I could before winter realizes that it was supposed to be a happening thing at this time of year! (It was Christmas Eve day and 72 degrees in upstate New York!). Then my mind drifted off to the inevitable….it will come!
Bitter cold, that cringe-worthy weather that will force us to spend most of our time cooped up inside, breathing in toxic, stale air in our poorly ventilated, airtight homes and windowless work places.
Research shows that toxic chemicals called VOCs, volatile organic compounds, can be harmful to our health at high levels. One of these toxins is formaldehyde, which is found in everything from new carpets to paints
But research also shows that “going green” with potted plants, can help improve indoor air quality. They filter and refresh, by reducing and absorbing these toxic pollutants.  
Here’s a proven list of some of those hardworking, air purifying plants. And don’t worry about having a green thumb, these are practically indestructible!
Conditions for the care of each plant will differ, so check the plant care tags for there specific feeding, watering, and sunlight needs.  
Golden Pothos is a great starter plant and in my opinion the most indestructible
Aloe Vera is a double duty plant. In addition to purifying air, it has healing gel inside the thick, long, stem-like leaves. It works well on cuts and burns. 
The Palm Trees (areca, date, bamboo, lady or parlor) will give your space that tropical look. But as inside plants, they’re energy efficient and prefer cool temperatures…go figure! The bamboo palm tree can grow 4 to 12 ft tall and is pet-friendly.  
This next plant prefers drier conditions, but still needs water, and there is virtually no way to get rid of the Snake Plant/Mother-in-Law’s Tongue. OK, you can stop your snickering now! (The link is “incognito,” it comes up under it’s scientific name!)
Have an office with low light? The Rubber Plant will fit right in. 
The Boston Fern is a little more finicky than the rest, but a gorgeous hanging plant for high humidity areas
So, let’s “clear the air” by going green with natural air purifiers. And… seeing green,  will put you in a better mood and help you make the most of these shorter days of sunshine! 
Here’s to a breath of fresh air in the New Year!