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Defined: Hairstyling Products

It can be VERY HARD to get our hair to do what we want it to do. I know hairstyling products are key, but how do we know which ones are right for us?! To get the locks of our dreams we need this product breakdown from top NY Hairstylist, Stephanie Alina:

Mousse: Volumizing product applied to wet/towel dried hair, focusing on the roots. It can be applied globally before hair is dried or diffused for fuller body, hold, curl control, and even setting purposes.

Hairspray: Aerosol sprays are my favorite and should be sprayed at an arm’s length away from the head. They range in levels of hold. Holds 1-5 are working, flexible hold sprays that I use to set curly or straight hair. Holds 5-10 are finishing sprays. After the style is achieved, a light mist sprayed globally assures that flyaways are not a problem. Your style should not rely on hairspray to hold it together. Hairspray should not look wet.

Gel: This product is meant for hold, offering no real styling benefits. I use this to piece out short hair or for control in braiding. This also comes in a range of holds. I find the stronger the hold, the dryer and flakier the product can get once dried in the hair.

Serum: This is meant as a detangler/primer when styling. Your primer should offer your hair vitamins, protein, and anti-humectant. This is what is strengthening your hair. It is mostly for mid-length through to the ends of your hair and offers no hold or volume, only shine.

Lotion/Cream: These come in a variety of holds and some offer volumizing benefits. This can be applied before or after your blowout for more smoothing and shine.

Texturizing Spray: This is a spray that is used on already dried hair after styling. It offers lift in the root as well as texture and body in the hair. Texturizing spray also gives great grit in the hair for braiding and updos.

Styling Protectant: Heat protectant sprays should be applied as a primer before a hot tool is applied to the hair. These offer no styling benefits except adding more shine.

Beach Spray: Most of these are sea salt activated and can be sprayed into wet or dried hair to give a tousled, effortless look.

Wax: Spray can be used to add body to thinner hair textures. It should only be applied mid-length to ends, in a light mist. If it comes from a jar, it is meant to piece out shorter cuts, such as the softness around the ear for pixie cuts.

Microfiber: This is applied to predried hair. Fibers are fluffed into the hair to add more volume, texture, and a piecey effect.  The fibers offer little to no hold.

Shine Spray: Final touches can be sprayed over a blowout or updo to add high shine.

Andrea Graye :)

Stephanie Alina is a 30-year-old hairstylist from Long Island. She works in the busy, upscale Bellmore salon, Bangz Hair & Color Lounge, freelances as a hair artist, and is a Moroccan Oil Educator. She is passionate about her craft, and is enthusiastic about sharing her insider beauty tips with us! See Stephanie’s work on Hair by Stephalina and WeddingWire. Connect with her on Instagram: @Hair_by_Stephalina.