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Halloween Foyer

It’s here! Our first festive holiday of the fall season. I am ecstatic! I’ve been prepping for our little trick-or-treaters by making decorations, planning costumes, and buying candy. And today, it’s time to prep our foyer for the festiveness! Here’s my easy plan…

  • Small Table: I’m setting up my Halloween “station” on the small silver table that is already in our foyer. A hard bench would  also work.
  • Large Chic Candy Bowl: I found the most gorgeous black glass bowl for candy that I featured in my Chic Halloween Decor Video. The colorful candy looks spectacular in it!
  • Festive Candles: I’m setting up a small display of dark orange, black, and silver candle holders (with ivory candles inside) on the table next to the candy. Husband will light them before the festivities start, as I’m clumsy with fire.
  • Pumpkin Doorstop: I have the cutest little pumpkin I found at a farm in the Hamptons last weekend that I’m going to use as a doorstop. It’s decorative and also keeps my door wide open to make sure I don’t miss a single trick-or-treater.

Happy Halloween!!!! Love you!


Andrea Graye :)