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Halloween Hoopla!

Ghosts and goblins, spiders and bats,
Witches and skeletons, pumpkins or cats…

Whether you make elaborate or simple choices when decorating for Halloween, there are so many options it’s rather spooky. It always amazes me the amount of effort some people put into this bewitching day. I, for one, lean toward the simple side. But I must admit, to this day, I’m the elaborate one when it comes to the candy! What’s Halloween without the treats, right? I always manage to end up with 2 months supply, for that 1 day event, even though I know I’ll only get a handful of trick or treaters showing up on my door step. But I digress…

My Halloween requires only pumpkins, gourds, and Mums (one of the few fall flowers that actually likes the cooler weather)…and a seasonal wreath for my door. Oh, and a talking witch stirring her cauldron and a dancing, singing skeleton (I do that for my grandson and husband). Although, it does crack me up when listening to the witch list the ingredients that she’s stirring in the pot, and the skeleton’s ‘super freaky’ song!

Here are some ideas for your Halloween decor:

For the simple, organic option, gourds and pumpkins (carved or not) may be set around a container of mums (these can be found at your local garden center or grocery store), or you can fill a tall, wide mouth, clear glass cylinder or vase with mini pumpkins and gourds. A favorite project of mine is a pumpkin vase. Simply cut off the top of a pumpkin, remove the seeds and pulp, set a vase or glass filled with water inside the pumpkin and add flowers. You’ll have yourself a great centerpiece for your table!

For a more elegant touch, try Pottery Barn’s Marbleized Glass Pumpkins, or their clear, blown glass Pumpkin Candle Cloches. For more bling, Pier 1 imports offers Art Glass Pumpkins.

You can even set your table with all things Halloween! My gosh! But this is a little too creepy for me….Skeleton Wine Glasses.

All of these things can be set up in vignettes or groupings, on a shelf, mantle, table or floorinside your home, or on your porch or balcony. You could even mix it up with different pieces from each. Some of them can even carry you through your fall decorating and into Thanksgiving.

Need a mood-setting book to read for Halloween? Considering I grew up going to the school named after one of the characters in this book, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by Washington Irving comes to mind.

One more thing….don’t forget the treats!