“Healthy” Salt?!

Ok.  Just the name of this salt, ALONE, sounded rather intriguing: Himalayan Pink Salt (!  I ran across this when my niece sent me a cookie recipe.  This ingredient was in the recipe…I mean, the name of the salt was actually IN the title of the recipe……REALLY? !?!?!?  How special could salt be?  I have not used salt in MY recipes in over 40 years!

Well, I LOVE (yeah, there I go again with the caps) to research, and some very interesting facts came of it.

This salt has 84 minerals in addition to sodium.  84!!   It is high in iron, magnesium, iodine, zinc, selenium, and copper, which is necessary for your body’s health.  Big note here: Himalayan salt has all these minerals, and is NOT chemically processed or refined (as table salt is).  Himalayan Salt is naturally harvested.

I just did a taste test.  Table salt has a tinny, and yes, a chemical taste to it.  The Himalayan salt tastes much better, and it may be a little stronger flavor.  So, use a little at first, then go from there.

But darn, there is a downside.  It is still sodium, and you cannot consume a lot (as we all know).  Apparently, 2300 mg (equal to 1 teaspoon) per day for a healthy adult, or 1500 mg per day, if you have high blood pressure and/or are over the age of 51, is what the Mayo Clinic suggests.

So, in summary, the Himalayan Pink Salt does have added minerals, however it is still sodium.  If you are going to use a “little” salt though, might as well use Himalayan and reap the “benefits”!