Hidden Treasures in Aisle 6: All-Day Lipcolor

It’s as though we’re hard-wired as “gatherers” to search out the make up treasures at the drugstore. Our quest: to find an affordable solution to our latest beauty crisis.  We can’t help but wonder as we consider dropping an impulse purchase in our basket, “Will this one be a worthy impulse purchase or just another that will be carelessly tossed into the abyss known as the make up junk drawer?” I feel like I’m blasting the best-kept secret in the make up aisle by telling you about this gem.

Problem: Isn’t it the absolute WORST when you take a sip of coffee and there’s a ring of color around the rim of your favorite mug? Or an hour after you applied your new fave lipstick you glance in the mirror to see that your lips disappeared? (Worst-case scenario your lips are now staining your teeth).

Solution: CoverGirl Outlast.  It stays on for 16 hours. Yeah, 16.  I actually use Vaseline to get it off in the evening! While this color is a matte finish, if you’re into glossy shine, Outlast comes with a clear topcoat that gives you the shine without removing the color! There are a great range of hues for every skin tone as well from the light blush colors to the mauves and everything in between.  For $8.49? How could ya not?