Hidden Treasures in Aisle 6: Eye Crayon

How many times have you found yourself in the beauty aisles of Duane Reade (for city girls) or CVS (if you’re a suburbs lady) singing along with the Kelly Clarkson power ballad they’re blasting while contemplating impulse purchases?  The questions always going through our mind . . . should I even bother?  Or do I need to buy the expensive stuff if I wanna look good?  If I am gonna bother, which drugstore products should I bother with?

As a self-proclaimed addict of all things make up I can tell you, there are gems right there in the drug store that are better than all the expensive brands I’ve tried.

Treasure #1 . . .CoverGirl Perfect Blend Eyeliner Crayon

Hi my name’s Dana and I’m an eyeliner junkie.  I’ve tried them all . . . expensive and cheap . . . and there is officially none better. I feel like I’m blasting the best-kept secret in the make up aisle by telling you about this one.

Problem: Some liners barely do their job!  You should not have to PRESS on a pencil to get it to work.  A good pencil should glide across your lid.  When sharpening, you should be able to achieve a point that creates a line that isn’t too thin and isn’t too thick.  Liner shouldn’t smear unless you’re watching a Lifetime movie.

Solution: CoverGirl Perfect Blend Pencil Crayon

Do you remember as a child how much fun it was to color with “cray pas;” the stick of color that was the perfect blend of crayon and paint? CoverGirl Perfect Blend Pencil Crayon is the “cray pas” of the eyeliner world. It’s not liquid . . . it’s not a crayon, but the marketing peeps at CoverGirl most likely told the liner-creators, “You can’t call it a cray pas, that’s weird.” I know there’s some artistic woman in the “Make Up Creations Department” at CoverGirl who is thrilled that her vision has been realized by one soul who lives for eyeliner and has given it way too much thought.

The best part about this particular pencil is the ease at which you’re able to achieve your desired look.  The texture of this liner is not one of a dry pencil that doesn’t seem to want to write.  This “crayon” REMAINS ON without smudging regardless of where on your eye you use it.  For $5.49!?!?  Crayola’s got nothing on CoverGirl.

There’s more Hidden Treasures to discover, so make sure you visit Graye Note Thursday for our next affordable treasure.