Holiday Fashion: A New Year’s to Remember!

New Year’s Eve is such a momentous night!  It’s a night that reminds us that anything is possible.  Seeing as how I think going to the grocery store literally is an occasion to wear 5″ stilettos, you can imagine how I feel about my New Year’s Eve wardrobe!

1) Chevron Top: The trick to any great outfit, is to select pieces that coordinate and complement each other.  We don’t always need things to “match” perfectly, and we must certainly NEVER need to throw on a solid black piece because we don’t know what goes with the rest of our outfit!  I based this entire outfit around the insanely gorgeous gold sequined pants.  To just throw on a solid black top with these pants would be a complete blow to the creative genius who designed those pants! or

2) Black Underpinning: Wear this tank untucked underneath the chevron top.  It will prevent the delicate weave of the blouse from catching on the wild sequins of our pant!

3) Gold Sequined Skinny Pant: #Boom.  It’s everything.

4) Gold Pump: The metallic element of this pump is “smooth.”  What I mean by that, is there is not any 3D texture, such as glitter.  Nor is there a pattern to the leather.  This is what we need for this outfit, because there is so much detail in both the top and the pant.  The gold-tone of the shoe, with the gold pant, will elongate our legs to create a very flattering silhouette!

5) Cobalt “Clutch”: You know I don’t love throwing on an article of black clothing with an outfit.  This is because black is NOT neutral.  I know that is shocking news. It’s true.  We must look at black as it’s own color, and not something we use as our “back-up” neutral.  That being said, we are not grabbing a black clutch to go with this New Year’s Eve look.  Instead, we will accent our look with a shot of cobalt blue (a color I am loving for holiday this year!).  P.S. I call large wallets clutches; I find it chic.  High: / Low:  

6) Silver Long Strand Necklaces: Given the metallic color, detail, and texture in the rest of our outfit, we need to wear a simple silver chain for our necklace.  I wrapped this one around my neck twice for a little touch of drama!  

7) Bangle Bracelets: These are also a simple metal, so you can pile a few on to feel glamorous without it becoming too much! /

Remember, whatever it is that you’ve always dreamed your life would be, is possible in 2016!  What better way to physically represent that than to be covered in sequins and metallic from head to toe!  It’s saying, “Look out world, I’m here!”

Love you!


Andrea Graye :)