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Holiday Fashion: Christmas Eve

I love this outfit. I’m really so excited about it. It’s a bit of a departure from what I originally was seeing in my mind for this year’s Christmas Eve look. At the last minute, our set had to change for the shoot. With a different set, we needed a whole new art direction. What I ended up styling is one of my favorite looks of all time…

  • Dress: This Black Satin Dress has an amazing shape and is very flattering. It is fun and has a feel of something special…a perfect combo for the holidays!
  • Blouse: To add another level of interest to the dress, I layered a Black Sheer Sleeve Blouse underneath. Tuck it directly into your tights to keep it in place.
  • Tights: I did not want black tights with this look. I needed another element to make the look pop. Any other color would make us look like an elf. We want to be festive, but also chic, so this in no way would do. So, I found Navy Opaque Tights that are so amazing with this look, my heart is still melting over them.
  • Heels: This is the part of a styling article when I declare, “Done and done.” Nothing about this look worked with every other shoe I considered before this one. I was very unhappy. Then, I grabbed a pair of Fur Mittens to use as socks and shoved them into a pair of 4 1/2″ Platform Stiletto Pumps.

I can’t wait for you to rock this outfit!!!!!

Andrea Graye :)