Holiday Fashion: From Office to Party!

It’s the holiday season!  And with that brings so many fun outfits that we get to plan! First up, an amazing look that will take us from the office to a holiday party!

Black Fitted Blazer: A fitted blazer is a chic and easy way to instantly add a sophisticated look to our wardrobe for the office, and then it’s easy to remove before we start breaking it down on the dance floor at our holiday party!

Sleeveless Chiffon Blouse: Chiffon blouses are amazing.  They are a very lightweight, woven fabric.  This means that they tuck in well without bulge and they look put-together for our workday.  They also work perfectly for a party because they have a playful feeling to them!

Metallic Skirt: This is the absolute centerpiece of the entire outfit.  It screams festive holiday fun with its electric hue, while still being work-appropriate with it’s conservative silhouette.

Over the Knee Stiletto Boot:  I’m insanely obsessed with an over-the-knee boot.  I love it, because when worn the right way, with a longish skirt or a dress, it reads as though you are wearing amazing leather leggings.  I think it is the essential shoe for your “work to party” look, because when worn with a mid-calf skirt, it’s totes okay to wear to the office, while still cheering, “I’m sooo ready to party!”

Large Clutch: Okay, so for a special “date” night, I am vehemently opposed to larger than life clutches, because it looks like you packed a suitcase to go on a date. Not cool.  However, for transitioning from day to night, it’s supes helpful because it is roomy enough to put your work essentials in, but it’s not overbearing and frumpy to take to a party.

Silver Bangle Bracelets: You need at least 5 smashing silver bangle bracelets.  Pile them all up on one arm together, and they will make a fab statement!

Have fun party people!


Andrea Graye :)